Thursday, 24 November 2011

Unconventional places to buy the necessary products for a dollar store launch

Are you a person who is thinking of a dollar store start-up? If so, some of the myriad considerations before you is the right place to get the products to your store implementation. You may have no idea where to purchase the goods being sold. If you are lucky you may actually be familiar with a handful of distributors. But more are required to provide the products needed to fully stock your store. Liquidation Wholesalers

While you can use the usual sources, such as providers of Dollar General store merchandise, dollar and suppliers, including merchandise shop, there are other more creative options to consider. In this article I present three options often overlooked.

Option 1) Settlement Companies

Settlement companies offer customer returns, damaged, salvage, and surplus, excess and closeout merchandise. Some offer fixed prices, while others run through a similar auction bidding or selling process. Make sure you know the nature of the items you are considering buying. Liquidation Closeouts

Option 2) Closings

Closure of companies offer very similar settlement companies. Many companies advertise as do both liquidations and closeouts.

Option 3) Business Liquidations

Again, there is a high degree of overlap with the liquidation and business liquidation. While some companies only handle excess merchandise in excess, overstock, others handle all kinds of products in excess as the same that are on sale for settlement companies and trustees.
Make sure you know exactly what you are buying any of these sources. The good news is that the price can be very, very good. Some even get the true dollar store merchandise at discounted prices every once in a while. In other cases the door is opened to the dollar store prices on items that are priced significantly higher than suggested retail.

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